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Secretary of State Says May Primary Election is Underway with May 21st Ballot Deadline

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Oregon Secretary of State LaVonne Griffin-Valade says the May primary election is underway.

Oregon's 36 county clerks began mailing out ballots on May 1st. If you have not already returned your ballot, please remember to do so before 8 p.m. on May 21st.

You can mail your ballot back to your county clerk. Postage is already included. Don't forget to sign your envelope and make sure your ballot is postmarked by Election Day.

You can also return your ballot to any county clerk's office. They'll make sure it gets sent to the county in which you're registered to vote. Otherwise, drop your completed ballot at any official, secure dropbox.

Want to know if your ballot has been received? You can always check the status of your ballot through the Secretary of State's "My Vote" website.

Lost your ballot? Made a mistake? Your county elections office can help you get a new one. Didn't see a candidate on your ballot when you were expecting to? In Oregon, the major political parties have chosen to hold closed primaries. That means you must be a registered member of that party to vote in their primary.

Any other questions? Always use official sources of trusted information. You can learn more at "OregonVotes.gov" or at your county elections office.
Posted on 5/15/24 6:01AM by Sam Marsh